Shoot with the PROS-Behnke, Fong and Taylor!

Join Master Photographers Hanson Fong, Michael Taylor and Bert Behnke as they demonstrate the techniques that have made them three of the top portrait photographers in the country! Watch Hanson pose people to flatter their body type, Watch Michael show you how to "see the light" and let Bert show you how to use the 8 levels to simplify your group photography. You will walk away more confident in your everyday work and ready to take your people photography to the next level.

Then get ready to do some live shooting as you get hands on with the three of them as your photography coaches. They will help you understand what makes their work look the way it does. They will work with you on posing, lighting, and communicating with your subjects. They will use natural light, studio lighting, small strobes or anything to create stunning portraits. Take them aside one on one to ask the questions you've been wanting to know but afraid to ask. Or call them over to explain how to use the techniques they have taught you to make your photography great!

Limited space will be available. Weather permitting, we will be started in the classroom and then heading on location for some epic shoots.

Location will be at Colby's Photography Studio in downtown, Knoxville, TN. We will meet there to organize and go over the locations we will be shooting and have a couple of models for everyone to work with!

Click on the link for location of host studio location: